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world-of-beautyUsing fresh vegetable stem cells and herbal extractions, World of Beauty is the industry leader in extraction and distillation processes that ensure 100% natural essential oils and fresh stem cells in their range of cosmetics.

World of Beauty Jamululur Anti-age Repair

The most effective Beauty Solution to resolve damaged skin caused by:
1. Hormonal Ageing by Photoageing
2. Negative effects of air pollution, climate and cigarette smoke
3. Genetic Aging
4. Oxidative stress, internal source of free radicals and ozone

This is a treatment suite that includes: Jaluronic Complex, Jamu C Complex, Jamu Grape Complex and, Jamululur Repair Mask

Jaluronic Complex (Ultra Moisturizing Repair Concentrate)

Jaluronic Complex is a hyaluronic acid concentrate of nano-molecules, which dramatically increases the hydration of skin’s surface, reducing the sensation of dryness and irritation. This revitalizes skin’s cells and helps the skin’s metabolism in retaining optimal moisture. Wrinkles and signs of aging especially across the eye contour and lips are largely minimized in this process. With the use of Organic Ocean Centella, the skin is bio-stimulated, this results in a softer and more compact texture.

Jamu C Complex (Fresh Tropical Vitamin C Cosmetic Filler)

Jamu Grape Complex (Anti-Aging and Lifting Repair Concentrate)

Jamululur Repair Mask. (Nano-Active Progressive Release Facial Mask)

World of Beauty Jeunesse Recovery Facial

The World of Beauty Jenuesse Recovery Facial aims to:
• Visibly correct uneven skin tone
• Dramatically minimize skin’s discolouration and blotchiness
• Reduce acne marks
• Reduce visible wrinkles and signs of aging

The treatment suite includes: Jeunesse Recovery Gel, Jeunesse Recovery Cream, Jeunesse Recovery Complex, Jeunesse Recovery Facial Mask

Jeunesse Recovery Gel

Jenuesse Recovery Gel contains Phytate Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Hamamelis & Mandelic Complex. Phytate Complex is a powerful phytonutrient extracted from natural organic rice bran, rich in mineral phosphorous, that have remarkable anti-oxidant effects that stimulate fibroblasts deep in the skin to produce more collagen; essential for a healthy skin complexion. Hyaluronic Acid acts to hydrate the skin whilst Hamamelis & Mandelic Complex, an exclusive formula, gives the skin a soothing and healing effect, as it renews skin cells.

Jeunesse Recovery Cream

Jeunesse Recovery Complex

Jeunesse Recovery Facial Mask





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