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Chloe's experience with M&G

  • Venie (@venxlin)

    Thank you M&G Aesthetics for tucking my belly and zapping away my loose fats that are so hard to get rid of after giving birth to 2 kids. Received treatments at M&G Aesthetics starting October and had visible results right after a few sessions.

    Super thankful cause I kept eating in office and hardly exercise lately so I’m glad to have my waist line in check despite the snacking. I especially love the customised treatments when they assess my individual needs to determine the treatment need and record my treatment progress with visible comparable results each time!


    It's amazing how a woman's body can balloon up and contract back so quickly, from pregnancy to childbirth. Because my body has went through so much, I think it is so important to take good care of it, which is why I started my postnatal recovery, wellness and shaping treatments with M&G Aesthetics The customised treatments I had, helped to regulate my body for better blood circulation, detoxify and at the same time, lift and shape my body.


    ⁣I was so surprised to see instant results in most treatments; my loose skin being visibly lifted. With better circulation and body system, I shed the last few KG of my pregnancy weight (without exercising).⁣


    I'm always looking forward to my next visit at M&G Aesthetics. You can change your outfits but you cannot change your body, so always take good care of your body and health. 


    In good hands with M&G Aesthetics for almost a year & sharing about my journey! Feel good, look good from within. Love their high service standards with zero pushy attitude.
    They have helped so much to tackle my main concerns — bloatedness, weak body circulation, water retention, congested lymphatic and love handles/ stubborn fats at my hips. Thanks to their dedication & technology, physical health is much better with a more sculpted body!