Motherhood and Pandemic

Balancing work and family obligations has long been the reality for women. However, the global pandemic has permanently changed the way we live and presented many challenges and obstacles, especially for working mothers. Today, let’s hear from Joanna Tay, a professional makeup artist who is also a mother of a 2 years old son, on how she copes with the stress as a mom in COVID-19.


‘I have been a makeup artist for the past 5-6 years. About 2 years ago I gave birth to my son. During this COVID period other than work, I was mainly at home taking care of him. I don’t really have much time to go out and exercise.’

Difficulties finding ‘me’ time

Specializing in doing wedding makeup, Joanna usually has to get up in the wee hours on the weekends to get to work. Sometimes as early as 1 or 2 am. Even on weekdays, her work is mostly in early mornings or late evenings. It is especially hard to find time for herself being a working mum with irregular working hours.

Throughout the years, Joanna has tried numerous treatments such as fat freeze, body wrap and steam baths to help with inch loss. ‘Those were before I gave birth’ Joanna continued. I could see some progress after those treatments but the difference was not huge and the pricing for the treatment was quite steep too.’ After paying a few thousands for her treatments and seeing minimal results, Joanna has decided to discontinue the treatment.

Women indulge in a pursuit of beauty all their lives. This is just the case for Joanna, the search for beauty continues after her pregnancy.

Coping with pregnancy weight gain

‘When I was pregnant I gained nearly 20 kg. I think my heaviest was around 80kg. It was quite alarming. The good thing is that after I gave birth, the weight came down quite fast but the flabbiness is still there. I became more self conscious and I don’t dare to wear clothes that are more body hugging compared to last time.’

Conscious about her body image, Joanna looked for solutions to improve her body physique. She tried to go on crash diets and intermittent fasting which worked well but was extremely hard to keep up. ‘I would eat normally again and the weight would bounce back.’ Joanna confessed. ‘I tried to exercise every few days during the night too but I didn’t manage to maintain it because it was so tiring. Taking care of a baby is so tiring, I don’t have energy to workout at night.’

Chanced upon a post that helped her improve her body image

That was when Joanna chanced upon a post by one of the influencer mummies on social media. Seeing significant results which the influencer shared, Joanna decided to give MNG a try.

‘It was about 3 to 4 months back when I first walked into M&G.’ During the complimentary consultation, Joanna shared that she wanted to get rid of flabby tummy and to shrink her hips and thighs, as well as get rid of the cellulite at the back of her thighs. 

‘I was very impressed with the way the consultants at M&G actually addressed my concerns because when I visited other places, most of the time they were very pushy, trying to sell me this and that even before I started on my treatment. Ginny was with me throughout the first session, after getting to know my areas of concern, she did some treatments to focus on these areas and showed me the before and after picture and I have to say the result was quite significant.’ Intrigued by the result after the trial session, Joanna took up the Mummy Makeover Program on the same day.

During the consultation, Ginny also did a Diastasis Recti check for Joanna. Without any clue that it was actually affecting her, she was surprised to find out that she had a 3cm gap, known as Open Below Navel Diastasis. After knowing that it could cause her to have very weak core muscle and affect her posture in the future, Joanna wanted to address it immediately.

Seeing results

Halfway into the treatment, Joanna started seeing remarkable results. Excited, she shared the before and after picture on her Instagram, wanting to share this solution with fellow mummies and even for ladies who are looking to kickstart regaining their body confidence.

Now that Joanna has completed her 1Mummy Makeover Programme. Her Open Below Navel Diastasis has completely disappeared.

Before and After after 12 Sessions


‘What makes M&G so special is that there are no fixed treatments but what you do have are customised treatments for different body types.’ - Joanna Tay

1 M&G’s Mummy oMakase Wellness Program is a holistic program designed by mother for mother, with modern mummy’s needs in mind. Efficient and effective, our approach in combining treatment is tailored accordingly to each stage of motherhood without the restriction of singular treatment.


Stronger body with M&G

‘ I feel that my core is stronger.’ Joanna said. ‘My job requires me to stand for long hours, sometimes up to 3-4 hours at a time. I have been experiencing backache and poor posture previously, but recently, I feel that I'm stronger in terms of core and back area. I think I can attribute this to M&G.’

Being a mother is one of the most exciting yet tiring jobs in the world. It might not come as naturally to put yourself first, but an important part of being a mother is making sure that you are grounded and stable for your kids. The importance of self care for mothers is invaluable and M&G will be here for you every step of the way.