Journey to Embrace our Bodies

Pregnancy is a miracle. It is amazing how our body can change and shift in such ways to birth another human. However, sometimes it could encompass huge changes that cause new mummies to feel uncomfortable and foreign in our bodies. It’s a perpetual journey to embrace and accept our postpartum bodies. Let’s hear from March Tan, a mother of a 5 months old.


Wanting to get back to pre-baby weight

‘After giving birth to my son, I saw a huge difference in my body. I think I gained about 20kg? I couldn’t fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I wish my old clothes would fit! The weight gained after pregnancy affected my self confidence. I wanted to lose weight on my hips, thighs and buttock and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.’ 

March has struggled with negative postpartum body image after pregnancy. As March continued, she revealed that her weight loss journey to bounce back to pre-pregnancy weight was not all that smooth-sailing. 

Trying different methods

‘I tried post pregnancy massages conducted by masseuses. I heard that it is a great way to help to relax and treat discomfort after childbirth. It indeed helped to ease a little bit of the swell and water retention issues but it didn’t achieve the result that I want. It was towards the end of the second month postpartum and my weight was stagnant for a few weeks.’

Discovering M&G 

Much like any mothers with newborns, taking time to exercise is almost impossible for March with all the responsibilities she has to juggle with. ‘The only thing I could do was try to eat in moderation. I try not to eat too much.’ Till one day, she stumbled across a picture that her friend posted on Instagram, talking about how M&G has helped improve her postpartum body.

‘I decided to give it a try because I saw the progress that she posted on Instagram and the improvement is really noticeable. So I called to arrange a consultation session to see how you guys can help.’

Coming for consultation

March suffered from water weight retention during pregnancy which was still pretty severe even weeks after giving birth. ‘During the consultation, my therapist, Ann, noticed that my water retention is quite serious and she pinpointed what I need to focus on which I agree too! She even pointed out problems that I wasn’t aware of, which is my tummy bloatedness. I didn’t know it was because of my habit of not eating breakfast in the morning and Ann told me that was the reason.’

After consultation, March decided to continue on with her treatments at M&G. 'Throughout my treatment, Ann focused on the parts that were my main concern areas. The water retention is all gone now and I definitely see a difference in my body, especially my bottom!’ 

Seeing results

3 months have passed now and March is only a few kg away from her pre-pregnancy weight. ‘My friends are all surprised by how fast I slimmed down after I started treatment here! I can squeeze back into some of my old clothes now, of course I feel a lot more confident!’


Before and After

Pregnancy and postpartum brings so many changes that are challenging to embrace. It may feel unbearable and you might want your body to ‘bounce back’ straight after pregnancy. 

oMAkase Programme

We totally understand your concerns and have developed a new programme to help all mummies and mummies-to-be to feel your best at all times. Our customisable 1oMAkase Wellness programme uses technologies backed by science for postpartum care – improving diastasis recti, and to help mummies tone their bodies to achieve their desired results. And for mummies-to-be, we didn’t forget about you! oMAkase can be customised to relieve pregnancy discomfort and prepare you for childbirth. All our treatments are completely safe and reliable.

Remember, it is a continuous journey to learn to embrace our bodies, be patient with your body and let us help you along the way.

1oMA(妈)kase is the Japanese tradition of letting someone choose what they want or need. The word itself means "I will leave it to you" which in this case, our Body Wellness Experts will suggest the best treatments to you based on your current body condition. "MA" means in Chinese, 妈 which means, mother.