Self care for Busy mommies

Being a mother is definitely the most satisfying yet exhausting job. This is especially true for working mothers. It is exceptionally challenging to maintain a balance between work, family and ‘me time’. Let’s hear from Janelle who is a mother of a 9 months old on how she manages juggling child-care with work responsibilities while trying to sneak in some time for herself.

Janelle (Instagram @janellejaw)

‘I am a content writer for a digital marketing agency. It’s a standard 9-5 job.’ said Janelle. Having a 9-5 job might sound like a typical, mundane routine but that is hardly the case for most working mothers including Janelle. 

Finding time for social activities

‘It is definitely more tiring that I have to tend to my kid before and after work. It is like an added responsibility.’ Janelle admitted.


Being a working mother feels like an olympic sport. In the midst of all the chaos of the day, most of them can barely ever find time for themselves. ‘The hardest part of motherhood is fighting fatigue, finding the time for social activities and feeling confident in pretty clothing again.’ said Janelle. 

For her, spending ‘me time’ really helps to relax and ease some of the parental stress. Janelle’s ‘me time’ usually starts when her baby is asleep. 

On Support System and Me Time

In order to get the adequate ‘me time’, Janelle would invite her friends over to her house to spend time instead of going out. She would also get help from her family, such as her mother, to take care of the baby so she could squeeze in a pamper day once every week. A BIG TIP for mummies who do not want to leave their baby at home but still want to spend quality time with their friends and maintain a social life.

Finding time for self care

Apart from hanging out with friends, one way she enjoys her ‘me time’ is to rebuild her body confidence. She has tried several exercises to keep herself in shape- doing weights, spins, pilates and yoga. Having started exercising about 8 months postpartum and working out for about 2 months now, Janelle said the results have been slow due to the exercise frequency.

Her busy schedule and lack of time did not make healthy diet easier too. It has hindered her progress because she eats whatever that's available at home or buy back most of the time.


‘When I think about losing the extra pounds it’s always exercising’

Using technologies to shed off extra weight had never occurred to Janelle until she came across M&G. ‘I wanted to trim my tummy and thighs when I came to M&G initially.’ Janelle recalled. ‘Those areas are my major concerns when fitting into clothing and my overall look. I think it's the consistent dieting that I'm not really strict on - hence the slimming process for my tummy and thighs are slower.’

Coming to MNG

During the consultation, a post natal assessment was conducted for Janelle, her Diastasis Recti was not a severe condition so the consultants have decided to work towards body shaping - the Mummy Makeover Stage. 

A treatment plan was specially curated for Janelle. Designed with the goal to achieve the greatest result for her, the consultant suggested targeting her tummy and back - which is a highly neglected area but a public enemy to many women. Often, we are concerned about how our muscles and body look from the front, as that is the only side we see in the mirror, however a perfect back gives the perfect look for a backless dress or a halter neck top. Toning the back gives a slimmer waistline and helps to create the hourglass body.

Seeing results

Having gone through 6 sessions now, there is significant inch loss at Janelle’s tummy and back area. With each session, there are definite improvements on the areas being targeted. ‘When I’m wearing tight fitting clothes it looks a lot better and overall I feel a little bit lighter!’ Janelle said. 

‘The results are more instant than I think!’ Janelle exclaimed. 

Before and after

When asked about Janelle’s favorite treatment, Janelle said it is definitely Body Nova. ‘It is really relaxing and it has just the right amount of suction. It feels like a massage.’

To all mummies out there : Often we get carried away with our mummy duties, focusing all on our little ones. It is important to remember that taking care of ourselves are equally important too. When you have some time for yourself, don’t let mom-guilt creep in. Fill it in with something that genuinely restore your mind and soul. Check out our 1oMAkase Mummy Makeover programme, specially created to be fuss free and mummy friendly. Our team of body experts will design your desirable treatment plans with the best efficacy in mind, as they journey along with you on your post partum body recovery.

Don’t forget you are an integral part of your Family and you always will be. Find time and take care of yourself! Because self care isn’t selfish.

1oMA(妈)kase is the Japanese tradition of letting someone choose what they want or need. The word itself means "I will leave it to you" which in this case, our Body Wellness Experts will suggest the best treatments to you based on your current body condition. "MA" means in Chinese, 妈 which means, mother.