How much are the treatments?

Prices usually starts from $130 per treatment, however, an accurate pricing can only be given after our specialist have done a consultation and body analysis to better determine your body condition and type of fats you have. You could come down for a consultation session first so we can give you a better price gauge.

Do I have to pay for consultation?

We believe in understanding our customer's needs before proceeding to treatments so consultations are completely complementary!

What is Mummy Makeover Program?

Mummy Makeover Program (MMP) is a personalised program where you are able to choose whether you would like to come for your sessions once a week or twice a week. Throughout the program, you are not limited to just one kind of treatment, instead you'll have access to all our aesthetics machine available. Each and every treatment is carefully planned and selected based on your body condition for the day for best results.

What’s Difference Between Soft & Hard Cups?

You’ll always want to start with soft cups to get your body used to massage cupping. Bellabaci cups are clear so you can see how much is being pulled into the cup. If you’re not sure whether your cup is soft or hard, give them a comparative squeeze.
Soft Cups pull 4 cm.

Hard Cups pull 10 cm.