Meet Venie

Thank you M&G Aesthetics for tucking my belly and zapping away my loose fats that are so hard to get rid of after giving birth to 2 kids. Received treatments at M&G Aesthetics starting October and had visible results right after a few sessions.
Super thankful cause I kept eating in office and hardly exercise lately so I’m glad to have my waist line in check despite the snacking. I especially love the customised treatments when they assess my individual needs to determine the treatment need and record my treatment progress with visible comparable results each time!

oMAkase Wellness Programme

A holistic programme designed by mummy for mummy, with modern mother's needs in mind - fuss-free, zero downtime, technology backed by science and most importantly safe and gentle alternative to surgery.

Omakase is the Japanese tradition of letting one choose what they need. The word means "I will leave it to you". The body wellness experts will suggest the best treatments based on your current body condition.