Muscle Tone
Do you find it difficult to get in enough exercise while still keeping a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle? M&G is able to help with Tesla Former.

Tesla Former is a non-invasive treatment that is primarily designed for muscle toning. The magnetic energy will cause muscle tissue to contract immediately, resulting in up to 50,000 muscle contractions in 30 minutes.

Using FMS technology, it can be utilized on core muscles in the belly, hamstrings, glutes, arms, and pelvic floor muscles (Functional Magnetic Stimulation). Tesla will assist in not only reducing fat but also increasing the body's natural metabolism, resulting in less fat accumulation.
Muscle Tone

TeslaFormer is for you if you are looking to enhance muscular definition, strength, and non-surgical body contouring.

The TeslaFormer uses functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) to trigger muscular contractions in the abdominals, glutes, and pelvic floor, strengthening and toning them.

Our specialist will be able to tell you if Tesla Former is right for you at your free consultation.