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Caviar of Switzerland - Revitalizing Eye Cream

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The Revitalizing Eye Cream (15 ml) is a concentrated, lightweight, silky caviar eye cream that regenerates, nourishes and moisturizes the delicate skin around your eyes. This is your anti-aging eye cream that will remove dark circles, hydrate the skin and slow down aging signs while restoring the glow in your eyes. Start your Caviar of Switzerland beauty regime by using the Advanced Repair Serum, then apply the 24h Regeneration Face Cream and lastly use the Revitalizing Eye Cream around the eye area for the complete caviar anti aging effect.

The skin is intensively moisturized, remineralized and regenerated. Activated to produce new collagen, the skin’s volume, suppleness, elasticity and tone are preserved while offering overall protection against the damaging effects of extrinsic aging.


Diminishes dark circles
With the presence of a strong Collagen Synthesis-Stimulating Peptide, SYN®-COLL, and Hyaluronic Acid, our revitalizing eye cream helps the sensitive skin around the eyes to maintain its healthy collagen production, elasticity and moisture, preventing the thinning and aging of the skin which contributes to dark circles.

Smooths eye lines and wrinkles
In addition to the Collagen Synthesis-Stimulating Peptide which revitalizes the skin and smooths eye lines and wrinkles, our natural moisturising ingredients and antioxidants work to prevent the formation of new lines by keeping the skin moist and healthy.

Makes eye contour visibly firmer and smoother
By keeping the skin around the eyes healthy, full and hydrated (without excess moisture), the eye contour becomes visibly firmer and smoother, a strong sign of youthful skin.

Anti-aging properties
This product is enriched with nutrients, antioxidants and collagen producing agents, which revitalize the naturally thinner skin around the eyes and help with keeping its elasticity and volume, while fighting against the process of aging.


After cleaning the skin, lightly dab the Revitalizing Eye Cream on the area around your eyes, i.e. under the eyes, the upper cheekbone, the eyelid and brow bone area, using your fingertips. Apply this caviar eye cream twice daily, in the morning and in the evening. Avoid direct contact with eyes and if contact occurs rinse with water. For maximum results use with the 24h Regeneration Cream and the Advanced Repair Serum.