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M and G Aesthetics Beauty Care

Confinement Bundle

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Equipped with intelligent textile techniques, the High Comfort Sculpting Panty acts on the buttocks, hips, stomach, and thighs, while releasing a microencapsulated treatment for efficient and lasting cellulite fighting action.

Discreet and invisible under clothing, the underwear belt will diffuse microencapsulated assets deep to firm, moisturize and beautify the skin and prevent cellulite. With its integrated slimming belt, the sculpting belt acts on the abdominal area and on the buttocks for an immediately reshaped and refined silhouette with visible results. Maximise benefits through exercise. Some of the Skin’Up clothing have even been created to enhance results during and after workouts.


During the first 7 days, the textiles deliver 50% of the cosmetics to the skin with active ceramic massage. During the next 21 days, the other 50% of microcapsules are delivered to the skin to consolidate the slimming and firming action with active ceramic massage. After 28 days, the same active garment offers active ceramic massage to maintain a stable and long lasting firming action.

You can wear the Skin’Up clothing during the day or at night. Nonetheless, their efficiency is directly correlated to their movement on your skin. We recommend you wear them during the day, as this is when you move most. No washing limit, handwash or washing machine, at 30 degrees. Do not put in dryer.

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