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LOVET Germaine's Pick - Bundle of 2 Panties

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LIFT+ High Waist Sculpting Brief
Sculpting Underwear Belt

 Ever wonder what’s the best shapewear for your everyday outfit? Here’s the pick of what Germaine Foo, Founder of Lovet fashion store, chose to match her everyday outfit!

Thanks to SKINUP’s triple technology, this beauty companion will transform your figure.

No need to suck in your tummy under your favourite dress any more, these high-waist sculpting pants instantly support your abdominal girth and buttocks. So you feel beautiful what ever you wear!

  • Innovative, seamless underwear for maximum comfort
  • Sculpting high waistband
  • Instant flat tummy effect
  • Buttock-lifting
  • Triple action: shaping, firming and moisturising


LIFT+ High Waist Sculpting Brief

Acts on the abdominal girth and buttocks, shaping and firming with the comfort of seamless textile.


Sculpting Underwear Belt

High-waist, sculpting, firming. Fitted high-waistband holds the tummy in, moderate compression. Pretty lace detail on the waistband. Sculpted figure thanks to the push-up effect.


*Test conducted on a panel of 89 participants who wore a similar product for 8h/day over the course of 28 days.


- Sea Kelp
The seaweed has many cosmetic properties: firming, liporeductive, regenerating, draining and antioxidant.

- Carthamus Seed Oil
From the very first use, a thin layer of Carthamus seed oil extract is left on the skin: hydrating, restructuring and repairing, it helps protect the skin’s elasticity.

- Active Ceramic Mineral Fibres
For thermoregulation improvement.
Ceramic crystals integrated into the thread make it possible to retain and restore the heat emitted by the human body.
Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are absorbed by the fabric and reflected back into the body. This thermoregulation process helps to diffuse the active cosmetics ingredients, with its massaging effect boosted.

- Seamless 3D Knit Massaging Action
Improves microcapsules diffusion on the skin
Ensures a better application of active ingredients for optimal slimming results
Provides a specific massage on the target zone, for a slimming, anti-cellulite and moisturising treatment.