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Muscle Defining Programme (Tesla)

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Celebrate Dad no matter what shape he's in by making him feel more comfortable and confident!

This Father's Day, give Dad a gift of transformation with our Muscle Defining Programme that will leave him feeling stronger inside out.

Enjoy 10 + 2 FREE* sessions of TeslaFormer and/or TeslaCare, with complimentary consultation.

Good news! You can now share this program with your spouse or any other family members ( cap at 2 pax)

Yes, you read it right. Men can do TeslaCare too!

Do not think that Men will not experience leaking concern. TeslaCare is non-invasive and can helps strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles. This improve both bowel and bladder problems such as dribble after urination. The best part, it can also work on the back concurrently to ease of any muscles tension or weakened muscles post-injury on the lower back. All this is done with the clever technology called Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) to stimulate strong muscle contractions.

What's more?

Swap it out with TeslaFormer if active dads need to target deep muscles for increased strength and definition. This revolutionary muscles building, strengthening technology using FMS to contract the muscle tissues above the level possible through exercise alone. Tesla Former lifts and firms the treated area, targeting deep into muscles that can be difficult to activate during exercise.

 *minimum of 10 sessions, limited to 1 time purchase per customer