Slim-Active Drink

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Pineapple flavoured liquid dietary supplement containing plant extracts and Hydrolysed Collagen with sweeteners.

  1. Ideal as an adjuvant in weight loss regimes.
  2. Helps eliminate excess fluids and bloated feeling caused by water retention.
  3. Efficient draining and slimming action for the silhouette.
  4. Light formula with low calorie sweeteners 


Green Tea, Birch, Horsetail, Lespedeza, Pilosella and Grapefruit

Beneficial for the draining of body fluids.

Milk Thistle, Lespedeza, Dandelion and Birch

Promote a purifying function for the metabolism.


Beneficial for the trophism of the connective tissue and the health of nails and hair.


Valuable aid for the functionality of the microcirculatory system.


Used to combat unsightly cellulite and to favour the functionality of the microcirculatory system.


Beneficial for the draining of body fluids, the functionality of the microcirculation system and to combat unsightly cellulite.

All Ingredients

Acqua, Succo Di Mela, Cardo Mariano Frutti E.f. (Silybum Marianum Gaertn.), Aromi, Tarassaco Radice E.s. Tit. 2% In Inulina (Taraxacum Campylodes G.e.haglund, Maltodestrina), Betulla Foglie E.s. Tit. 0,3% In Iperoside (Betula Pendula Roth., Maltodestrina), Equiseto Herba E.s.Tit. 1% In Silice (Equisetum Arvense L., Maltodestrina), Ananas Stipites E.s. Tit.0,1% In Bromelina (Ananas Comosus (L.) Merr., Maltodestrine), Acidificante: Acido Citrico; Thè Verde Foglie E.s.
Tit. 50% In Polifenoli (Camellia Sinensis (L.) Kuntze), Lespedeza Herba E.s. Tit. 4% In Rutina (Lespedeza Capitata Michx., Maltodestrina), Centella Foglie E.s. Tit. 20% In Asiaticoside (Centella Asiatica (L.) Urb., Maltodestrine), Pompelmo Semi E.s. Tit. 50% In Bioflavonoidi (Citrus Paradisi Macfad., Maltodestrine), Pilosella Herba E.s. Tit. 0,4% In Flavonoidi (Pilosella Officinarum Vaill, Maltodestrina), Addensante: Xantam Gum; Conservanti: Sodio Benzoato, Potassio Sorbato Edulcoranti: Stevia, Sucralosio


It is recommended to dilute 30ml of product in a litre of water to drink throughout the day.