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M and G Aesthetics Beauty Care

Slimming Mist

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The Slimming Mist makes it possible to prolong the action of the microcapsules by simple spraying.

Economical and easy to use, it allows you to precisely target areas to recharge and get carried away everywhere.

Formula concentrated in seaweed extracts (gelidium cartilagineum and fucus vesiculosus) and sunflower seed oil.

These active ingredients are known for their lipo-reducing action, regenerating the skin, nourishing and emollient. 


Phyto-marine complex (extract of fucus vesiculosus) allowing a complete care and a better slimming effectiveness (more than 30% of microencapsulated actives):

Firming (phytosterols)
Regeneration of the skin (minerals, vitamins, phospholipids)
Antioxidant (provitamin A, vitamin E)
From the 1st use a moisturizing veil is deposited on your body extracted from seeds of Carthame oil :

moisturizing, restructuring and restorative, it preserves the elasticity of the skin,
relipidante, nourishing, emollient, it helps to restore the hydration of the skin. Antioxidant, it helps fight the aging of the skin