Navigating Pregnancy Skincare: The Do's & Don'ts

Your journey through pregnancy is like no other, and taking care of yourself is priority numero uno! Pregnancy hormones can throw your skin for a loop, causing breakouts, pigmentation changes, and even more sensitive skin. While your body is working its magic, don't forget that your skin could use a little extra love too. But wait – before you slather on your usual skincare faves, let's talk about a few ingredients that might not be your BFFs during this beautiful time.


Skincare ingredients to avoid

1) Retinoids: The No-No Zone
These vitamin A derivatives are superstars for fighting wrinkles and acne, but they can also pose a risk to your developing baby.
2) Salicylic Acid: Thread lightly
Acne is the ultimate party crasher, but salicylic acid might not be the best solution right now. A little bit of over-the-counter products is usually fine, but if you're planning on throwing a salicylic acid bash on your face, check with your doctor first.
3) Benzoyl Peroxide: Dial it Down
Unfortunately, acne does take a vacation during pregnancy. Benzoyl peroxide can help, but let's not go overboard. Small doses are usually fine, but if you're unsure, get the green light from your doc before slathering it on.
4) Chemical Sunscreen: Shield Your Skin
Sunscreen is a must, but not all sunscreens are created equal. Chemical sunscreens with oxybenzone and octinoxate could mess with your hormones. Opt for natural sunscreen heroes with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to keep those harmful rays at bay.
5) Essential Oil: Aromatic Caution
While they smell amazing, not all essential oils are pregnancy-friendly. Some can trigger contractions such as rosemary, peppermint, and clary sage. Lavender and chamomile are usually pregnancy-safe, but as always, check with your doctor first.


Pregnancy-safe Skin Care

If you're unsure of what skincare is safe, not to worry! At M&G Aesthetics, we carry pregnancy-friendly products. 




EmerginC Revital-Eyes Gerard's Sorrento Sunscreen Gerard's Yantra

Caviar of Switzerland Revitalising Eye Cream

Gerard's Rewhite Age Control

 Gerard's Beauty Mama

EmerginC Lighten Up Under Eye Fighter Caviar of Switzerland 24h Regeneration Cream Gerard's Gel Defatigante

(For an extensive product range, contact us for more!)


Treat yourself to a quick pick-me up!

While the bun is baking in your oven, you deserve a sweet little treat too so why not head down to M&G Aesthetics for some pampering? We offer pregnancy-safe facials to help you rejuvenate and give you that "pregnancy glow"!


Oxyjet Facial
All-Natural Handwork Facial
Lymphatic Drainage LPG Facial
Remember, your body is doing something truly amazing, and treating your skin kindly is just part of the self-love game. Keep these not-so-friendly ingredients in mind, and always double-check with your healthcare provider before introducing new stuff to your routine. Here's to rocking that pregnancy glow while keeping you and your little one safe!

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