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The Postpartum Recovery Kit

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The Postpartum Recovery Kit

Know of a first-time mum or seasoned mum that is about to give birth soon? We have curated a Postpartum Recovery Kit designed to show our warrior mummy that we care! Formulated by the experts in the cosmeceutical and garment industry, these postpartum favourites address common discomforts you may experience after a childbirth. 


Yantra Scar Oil - Ideal for pregnant women or new mums. Suitable for fully healed surgical wounds, stretch marks, and existing scars. 

A dry and lightweight oil that encloses all the healing properties of Tamanu, Avocado and Grape Seed oil to stimulate collagen production to promote wound healing. Combining the neurocosmetic properties of EuphorylTM, a molecule that promotes a feeling of happiness and wellness by improving the release of endorphins and dopamine to for a healthier skin functioning.

Skin Up Lift+ Sculpting Brief - Not your usual shapewear. Designed in Paris with a unique patent technology to its fabric. Millions of natural seaweed-based microcapsules are fixed onto the textile’s fibers. When in contact with your skin directly, it restores our skin’s moisture and repair skin elasticity.

Lift+ High Waist Sculpting Brief comes with a high waist sculpting waistband that can give a nice compression and support to your tummy and back especially during the early stage of postpartum. Can be used to assist with Diastasis Recti recovery, pelvic or back pain and post C-section discomfort.

Gold Eye Patch - Effectively restores the tone of the periocular area and instantaneously combat signs of ageing, thanks to the countless sleepless nights!

With the golden cellulose micro-crystals and the active ingredients (2% Hyaluronic acid, 2% Phytodermina Lifting and 2% Honey)  combination, it visibly reduces baggy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, signs of sagging skin and fatigue, and deeply nourishes the eye contour area.