Cellulite is a skin condition that causes dimples and lumps, and it's more common than you might believe. It affects more than 90% of women. The connective tissue that holds the adipocytes (septa) pulls on the skin surface and deforms it as they develop. Concurrently, circulation is obstructed, and toxins build up. Cellulite forms at this point, giving the appearance of an orange peel.

Despite the fact that there is no way to entirely eliminate cellulite, M&G offers four treatments that can dramatically minimize the appearance of cellulite - Shockwave, Trilipo, Exilis Ultra and LPG Endermologie.

Treatments Available


Eliminate cellulite with Shockwave. Works by vibrating the connective tissue in areas of the body prone to cellulite to stimulate and increase collagen production.


Combination of volumetric RF heating and massage motions reduces fat cell volume, enabling the skin to return to its original form, while strengthened collagen fibres give the skin the elasticity it needs.


A non-invasive method that combines radio frequency and ultrasound technologies to address face and body issues. It encourages the formation of collagen, which tightens the skin and reduces cellulite.


Skin and fatty tissue are stimulated to soften and become less fibrous. Simultaneously, this stimulation aids in the release of fat as well as the activation of blood and lymphatic circulation.


The new revolutionary LPG® treatment head combines a motorized flap and roller with sequential suction to stimulate and mobilize tissue fully. This alliance allows for multidimensional stimulation, which boosts many physiological pathways at the same time.

endermologie® encourages the skin and fatty tissue to soften and make them less fibrous with the new patented Alliance treatment head. Simultaneously, this stimulation aids in the release of fat as well as the activation of blood and lymphatic circulation. Meanwhile, the treatment head's mechanical action encourages natural fat release while firming the skin to restore its tonicity and adimple-free appearance


We use science-proven and technology-backed procedures to stimulate natural fat release, drain toxins and reactivate circulatory exchanges. We have a selection of machines and our body speicalists will be able to tell you which treatments are right for you during your free consultation.

Before and Afters


Are there any side effects?

There may be some redness, but it should go away within an hour. Some clients report redness, swell-ing, or a tiny sense of heat in the treated region, but these symptoms are rare and should go away within 24 hours.

How many treatments do I need?

Many patients will see improvements after 1 treatment, although several sessions are recommended for optimal results.

How fast will I see result?

On average, it takes six sessions to see visible results. You will require a full assessment to determine the number of treatments you will need.

Who is suitable for the treatment?

All treatments are ideal for anybody looking for non-surgical skin tightening to enhance skin tex-ture, laxity, and wrinkle reduction with minimal downtime. However, restrictions do apply on certain conditions such as pregnancy, cancer (especially skin cancer), uncontrolled diabetes, any active skin condition in the area of the treatment or metal implants in the