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Gerard's CALMSENSE Deep Relief Facial Serum

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Special face serum with a light and silky texture that corrects and prevents the blemishes typical of sensitive, reactive skin, with couperose or exposed to harsh climates.

Thanks to its neutralizing green pigments, Calmsense facial serum visibly reduces redness, re-establishing the optimal pH of the skin, providing the right hydration and restoring the skin barrier.

The soothing efficacy is guaranteed by Couperine™, the innovative system based on enzymatic extracts of Arugula and Prickly Pear which acts in synergy with Physiocalm, a complex based on highly tolerable natural active ingredients with an intense calming action. The hydrating facial serum can be used alone or in synergy with the specific Calmsense facial cream to enhance its benefits.

For a uniform and luminous complexion.



Apply daily to the face and areas subject to redness, avoiding the area around the eyes.