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Gerard's GENATIVE Eye Contour Cream

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Instant action eye contour cream, which acts on critical points in the eye area: fine lines, wrinkles, signs of dryness and loss of tone.

GENACTIVE COMPLEX, eye contour filler with a filling action comparable to that of Hyaluronic Acid, restores elasticity to the area around the eyes, smoothing wrinkles and expression lines with a lifting effect.

Its concentration of active ingredients delicately regenerates mature or prematurely lined skin around the eyes. The lifting eye contour contains, in fact, 2% of GENACTIVE COMPLEX, a mix of marine green algae and hydrolyzed yeast, reduces wrinkles and sagging skin, acting like fillers based on hyaluronic acid; a synergistic complex of Burdock, Centella and Bearberry extracts improves the skin microcirculation and reduces signs such as dark circles and bags, caused by stagnation of liquids and toxins; finally, 4% sweet almond oil, with its deeply elasticising and hydrating action, prevents the formation of fine lines.



Apply the product around the eye contour, delicately tapping with your fingertips; then proceed with your usual face cream.